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Efforts towards peace building often focus on the left brain and overlook music and it’s ability to move and affect people.Our approach is engaging and transformational. We work with people of all backgrounds and help them learn to identify inhibitions that keep them from loving others.

Your contributions are tax deductible and allow us to dedicate time, and resources towards designing and producing material used for our work (songs, videos, CDs, logistics). It allows us to be generous with communities with less resources but whom would benefit from our work.

How can YOU support?

It takes a village…So Thank You!

Your contribution makes this work possible. No matter how little, or how often you give, each gift makes a difference for entire communities.

I was recently in Haiti, leading a workshop on empathy in the classroom. I was humbled and grateful for the impact our work had on participants. One school administrator vowed to never shame or inflict corporal punishment on a student going forward.

This realization and change of heart will impact an entire generation of students under his leadership.
Your donations made this possible!!!

Posted by Parfait Bassale on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Since 2009, Parfait has been captivating students, faculty and staff at Clark College with his beautiful music, powerful message and engaging facilitation. His dynamic approach to conflict resolution and empathy training has resonated with our college community over the years. Parfait is willing to show his vulnerability by sharing his personal accounts of struggles while empowering his audience to examine their own in support of self-reflection and cultural understanding. He consistently receives rave reviews and I would highly recommend bringing Parfait in to your classroom, workshop or training. Two thumbs up from Clark College!

Jodi Shulnak

Clark College