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The Mission

There is a famous scripture that reads:

“How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.…” (Matthew 7:4-5)

Inspired by the wisdom of this passage and coupled with the findings from years of research on empathy, my mission as a peacemaker consists of tearing down barriers within, to make peace between people possible.

Specific Charitable Goals

2017-18 Academic Year:

  • Reach 100 schools
  • Impact 1000 students
  • Inspire and mentor young artists to use art towards peace-building and social transformation


This work is informed by the belief that past experiences, social conditioning and/or insecurities tend to lead people to ascribe intentions and narratives to others. The stories they wind up telling are often skewed, dehumanizing and erect walls. By using the power of music and storytelling to trigger introspection, people can develop a greater sense of self-awareness (identify one’s own patterns of behavior, triggers and blind spots), peer-awareness (see the humanity in others) and a chance to commit to a change.

Filling the empathy gap between youth of different backgrounds and experiences is the only hope to positively restore a civil public discourse in the long run. Because by working with this demographic we are impacting the next generation of policy makers and leadership.

The Method

By means of the evidence-based Story and Song Centered Pedagogy (SSCP), audiences in classrooms around the globe are learning to develop empathy towards themselves and towards others. Whether during school assemblies or as a guest in teacher classrooms, I will be facilitating empathy training through Stories, Songs and Reflective Activities (see published work).

How your Support Impacts our Mission

Traditional efforts towards peace building in schools often focus on the left brain and overlook music and its ability to move and affect people. In my fifteen years of experience working with students, and offering SSCP workshops, the response is the same: empathy, engagement, inspiration and empowerment to care more and love better.

Your support makes it possible for schools and teachers with less financial resources to offer SSCP workshops to students who will benefit from it. Financial contributions are tax deductible and make you part of peace education and social transformation in schools through music.

How can YOU contribute?

Our workshops cost $300 each. Your sponsorship will extend access to schools and teachers with less resources.
Your donation can be a one time gift or be spread throughout the year. You can also donate much or as little as you are able.
Donations can be earmarked for a specific school or organization and are tax-deductible.

Options Description Donate Now
Singing Dove Tribe Your donation will go towards a workshop for a school this year. You will receive our monthly newsletter highlighting stories of transformation.

One Workshop Your donation will provide a workshop to one school this year. You will receive our monthly newsletter highlighting stories of transformation and a singing Dove t-shirt as a Thank You.

Two Workshops Your donation will provide two workshops to two distinct schools. You will receive our monthly newsletter highlighting stories of transformation, a Singing Dove t-shirt and a hat as a Thank You.

Three Workshops or more Your donation will provide three workshops to three distinct schools this year. You will receive our monthly newsletter, a Singing Dove t-shirt, a hat and a download card of Parfait’s Finally Album and releases during the year.

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It takes a village…So Thank You!

Your contribution makes this work possible. No matter how little, or how often you give, each gift makes a difference for entire communities.

A few years ago upon return from Haiti, I led a workshop on empathy in a classroom at Foss High School. I was forever  humbled and grateful for the impact this work had on participants. Students decided to fund-raise to help build a school library for a school in Haiti.

This action driven empathy has positively impacted a cohort of students in Haiti and here at home.
Your donations make this types of stories possible!!!