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  • Professional Development Day
  • School Assembly
  • Program for Graduating Seniors
  • Orientation Week for Incoming Students
  • Student Leadership
  • Black History Month
  • International/Multicultural Event
  • Diversity & Inclusion Series
  • Trauma Informed Care Series
  • Booster Club Event
  • At-Risk Youth Program



In the Shoes of an Immigrant

Did you ever wonder what it is like to move to a new country? To have to learn a new language? What about a new set of cultural norms?

  • This package takes participants on a journey with the immigrant experience and provides them with tools to constructively engage with immigrants.
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From Africa to America: An unlikely journey

Do you want an inspired audience who comes out empowered to face adversity heads on?

  • In a moving and powerful presentation, Parfait retraces his unlikely journey from West Africa to the USA: Challenges and difficulties that shaped his life and music. This is suited for audiences who want to learn about overcoming adversity and stepping out in faith towards uncertainty. Audiences walk away with a renewed sense of hope and framework for facing adversity. 
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Skill Based & Trauma-Informed Care

Transforming Othering

Chronically stressed individuals or culturally different individuals may present behavior challenges that make it difficult to engage with them. How does one use empathy to transform the de-facto tendency to other and treat them differently.

  • In this class participants will Understand the notion of “othering:” its origins, purpose, and traumatic effects;
  • Recognize and describe ways othering was at play in historical situations, both personally and systemically;
  • Understand the neurobiology of empathy and its capacity to counter and transform the habit of othering;
  • Describe each step of an empathy framework; and
  • Integrate the empathy framework into trauma-informed systems and practices.
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Empathy 101: the Key Steps to Nurturing Empathy

Empathy is both inherent and a skill that can be learned, nurtured and developped. How does one develop and nurture empathy?

  • In this workshop participants will gain a conceptual understanding of Empathy: its underpinnings and the neuroscience at play when one empathizes. Participants walk away with activities and tools to develop their empathy muscles.
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Making Home

How does one navigate an hostile environment? How does one transform an environment? How does one create home?

  • This package addresses the construct of “home. Audiences walk away with a renewed appreciation for their own stories and that of others. They take concrete steps for respecting and making others feel welcomed.They practice self-awareness, peer awareness, perspective taking and cross cultural communication
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Custom Packages:

Looking for a more customized workshop experience to fit your needs? Let us tailor a customized package for you and your audience.
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We offer various formats for our onsite presentations/workshops. They usually fall under 2 categories:

  • Presentations for large group settings such as keynotes and school assemblies.
  • Workshops

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