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Black History Month Special

Adversity & Empowerment

  • Building peace in a divided land
  • Finding your voice in the midst of adversity
  • From Africa to America: An unlikely journey
  • Your voice matters

Diversity, Empathy and Collaboration

  • We are all Haitians
  • Nurturing empathy: a Key to Building Trust and Lasting Relationships


Bring Parfait on campus for your next:

  • Student Conference
  • School Assembly
  • Program for Graduating Seniors
  • Orientation Week for Incoming Students
  • Student Leadership
  • Black History Month Celebration
  • International/Multicultural Event
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Development Conference
  • Booster Club Event
  • At-Risk Youth Program

Parfait offers customized topics tailored to your audience not mentioned above.
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