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Understanding, Uncovering and Dismantling Bias

Posted on Aug 8, 2018

Where do biases come from? Why do we have them? How dangerous are they? How do we get rid of them? Can we get rid of them? Why should we strive to dismantle them?


Although in recent years the construct of “Implicit bias” has become a buzz word, our attitudes and sense of urgency when it comes to identifying and dismantling our own biases, more often than not, reflect a myopic understanding of their pervasive and corrosive impact on societal systems.

The fact is, our socialization within racist, sexist, ethnocentric, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic and/or christianophobic systems (to name a few), makes us carriers of assumptions, attitudes, reflexes and behaviors that sustain these ideologies. As a result we often stand in the way of our own stated values and desires to achieve inclusion and champion equity.

Join us in this workshop to:

  • Understand the origins, neuroscience and impact of bias
  • Understand the importance of dismantling bias
  • Identify your own biases and practice approaches to begin dismantling these biases


  • Individuals
  • Management
  • Religious organizations
  • Community leaders