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Building Peace in a Divided Land - Tour

Is your audience:

Filled with despair? Hopeless about the future? Saddened and/or enraged by the rhetoric and polarization in the nation?

Experience a workshop filled with music and storytelling that will inspire and re-energize yor audience.

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Parfait Live on CAN 11

Tune in or come join a great conversation and live performance about music and social transformation.


You have been it is!

Finally is now available for download.

Featured Tracks

  1. Cette Femme Parfait aka Le Verbe 4:03
  2. Sound of the Music Parfait 3:25
  3. Finally Parfait 3:42
  4. Nou Tout Haitiens Parfait 3:36
  5. Interview on KBOO 90.7 FM Dmae Roberts & Parfait 29:01

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