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From Africa to America: The black experience from both ends of the Atlantic


Experience a workshop filled with insight, music and storytelling that will inspire, expand perspective and re-energize your audience.

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Parfait Live on CAN 11

Tune in or come join a great conversation and live performance about music and social transformation.


“Tearing down barriers within, to make peace  between people possible."

Contribute to our mission to bring peace through music...

Featured Tracks

  1. Cette Femme Parfait aka Le Verbe 4:03
  2. Different Tribes 4:16
  3. Sound of the Music Parfait 3:25
  4. Finally Parfait 3:42
  5. Nou Tout Haitiens Parfait 3:36
  6. Interview on KBOO 90.7 FM Dmae Roberts & Parfait 29:01

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